Brand Surfaces Maple


$5.99 / Sq.Ft.

Item is sold per case



Canadian Standard has extensive expertise with reactive stains and fumed/smoked processes that give the wood a distinct, weathered, unique, and aged look. We have used this expertise to create the Brand Surfaces collection, which distinguishes itself by offering a broad range of colours and subtle shading differences in the staining pattern. Stain is applied manually instead of by machine, and fuming processes are used to darken the oak and bring out its grain pattern. The resulting variation and richness in the wood makes the Brand Surfaces collection unique and exceptionally beautiful.

• 7 1/2” x 3/4” (24” x 75”) Random Length
• Light Brushed
• Tongue & Groove

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Blacksmith, Chimney SMoke, Millstead, Pottery Barn, Warm Onyx, Wool Coat